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Port of Oakland launches smart phone apps for harbor truckers

The Port of Oakland today introduced two smart phone applications that could transform containerized cargo handling at seaports. The apps provide a highly anticipated tech-based calculation of harbor trucker turn times – an elusive industry metric.

“We know of no other port measuring trucker transaction times with this precision,” said Port of Oakland Executive Director Chris Lytle. “This takes the myth out of measurement and gives us a window into port performance.”

That performance metric, however, may be compromised by factors beyond the reach of drayage drivers, however. Port analysts suggest that dockworkerdisruptions may continue to haunt West Coast gateways.

The apps, DrayQ and DrayLink, employ Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS technology. They tell drivers how long they’ll wait to enter marine terminal gates and how long their transactions will take. They give shippers a glimpse of the location and productivity of the drivers they hire.

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