Shippers, truckers look to 2017 for PierPass flat fee

After more than a decade of telling PierPass Inc. that its congestion-pricing model that supports the extended gate program in Los Angeles-Long Beach is not working, beneficial cargo owners and truckers are hopeful that a new arrangement, which involves a much lower, flat fee will be adopted by terminal operators sometime next year.

There is still much work to be done, though, in order to develop a pricing model that BCOs consider to be equitable and the 13 terminal operators represented by PierPass are confident will cover the cost of operating night and weekend gates in the largest US port complex. John Cushing, president of PierPass Inc., said PierPass’ advisory committee will analyze all options, and another large meeting of stakeholders will be convened next May to discuss the details of any suggested plan that is developed. If further refinement is required, the process could continue for some months beyond that.

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Source: www.JOC.com

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